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Fact Sheets, Call Scripts, and Flyers

New York State Legislation

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) will fix NY's surprisingly outdated abortion law. The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA) will guarantee cost-free insurance coverage for contraception.

The RHA Fact Sheet tells you everything you ever wanted to know about NY's existing abortion law, the details of the proposed RHA legislation, and who is standing in the way of its passage

See a clear layout of the three key problems with the current law and how the RHA will fix each of those problems

The CCCA Fact Sheet explains current NYS regulations on contraceptive coverage, and explains why the CCCA will go even further to protect our care

A review of where we stand in the current legislative session and strategy for the road ahead


Menstrual Equity

Join the growing movement to ensure access to menstrual products for all women and girls.

Learn about city, state and federal legislative efforts on menstrual equity, and what you can do to support these bills

Resources for NYC Schools

Make sure local schools provide the required resources to help students navigate adolescence.

Learn about regulations to ensure that your child and her/his peers receive comprehensive sex ed and have access to menstrual products, and how you can hold schools accountable