Lunch at Cuomo's

We showed up every Wednesday from January to June in front of Governor Cuomo's Manhattan office to tell him that he must make passage of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) a top priority.

Rather than putting his considerable political weight behind this legislation, Governor Cuomo chose instead to stand by while the Senate—including his fellow Democrats and the power-hungry Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)—allows the bill to languish in committee.  He made grand announcements about his commitment to abortion rights and called for a state constitutional amendment protecting abortion, but while those things may have gotten him favorable headlines, they did little to get this important legislation passed.

We're taking a break from our rallies for now, since the state legislative ended in June and won't start up again until January 2018. But we're not done with this fight. Governor Cuomo, IDC members, Senate Republicans: we're talking to you!

Download this info sheet on where we stand at the close of the 2017 legislative session, and what lies ahead in 2018.