The Affordable Care Act is crucial to protecting the health of all Americans.

It has particular benefits for women’s health, and Trumpcare would destroy all of them.


What the Affordable Care Act guarantees

Approximately 9.5 million women who were previously uninsured gained health coverage through the ACA. Before the ACA, only about 12 percent of the health care plans sold in the individual market offered maternity coverage, and women paid about $1 billion more than men each year for identical health plans in the individual market.

The ACA expanded Medicaid, prevented insurance companies from charging higher premiums for pre-existing conditions, and mandated cost-free coverage for essential preventive health care.

The ACA required all insurance plans to cover ten “essential health benefits,” as well as coverage for breastfeeding and birth control. Plans must cover these services without charging a co-payment (even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible). Among the benefits specifically related to women’s health:


NOTE ON LINKS TO HEALTHCARE.GOV: If Trump messes with the ACA website the same way he’s messing with the ACA itself, the above links may no longer work