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Thanks for your interest in WHARR. We are neighbors acting together to fight against Donald Trump’s sexist, retrograde vision of America and the threats he and his administration pose to reproductive justice and women’s health.  As New Yorkers, we are also committed to pushing our state government—nominally Democratic, but actually controlled by Republicans—to pass laws that protect women and their reproductive freedom.

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WHARR's Task Forces

We created these groups to provide structure and enable more efficient progress in researching, coalition-building, and planning actions/campaigns related to each area. But please don't feel that signing up for a task force will limit you to working only on the issues that fall under that group. We envision that the information and actions coming out of these task forces will be for the edification and involvement of the full WHARR membership.

In terms of time commitment, we plan to facilitate varying levels of engagement, from less than an hour per month to much more—and everything in between!

Once you sign up, you'll be added to the email distribution list and the Slack channel for your selected task force(s). Keep an eye out for communications from the WHARR co-chairs who are spearheading each group!


Health Legislation
This task force will focus on both state and federal legislation. On the state level, we will continue our push for passage of the RHA and CCCA. Tasks might include lobbying visits to state senators, joining meetings and conference calls with coalition partners to keep informed of their strategies, planning our own actions focused on Cuomo and the IDC, and continuing to educate our neighbors about these important bills. On the federal level, our task force will be more of a “rapid response” team. We want to keep up to date on congressional legislation and Trump administration policy changes, educate WHARR members and our allies about threats to women’s health, and identify ways to voice our opposition (e.g, writing call scripts, planning actions, etc.).

Electoral Work
This task force identifies local and state races where WHARR-related issues matter and that WHARR engagement can meaningfully impact. The Team will undertake activities like canvasing, text banking, and get out the vote efforts. Their first activity is the November 4 text banking for City Council candidate Brian Cunningham.

Reproductive Justice and Access
This task force will focus on issues-based work that is local and actionable. Based on research, collaboration with sister organizations, and member interest, we will select one or two core issues to focus on (for now!). Potential issues are: Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Menstrual Equity, Comprehensive Sex Education, Lactation Accommodations, and Teen Mental Health initiatives. Our aim is to engage members in research, actions, and collaborations that will have a local impact. Possible actions include identifying opportunities to lobby and call local officials, educating our neighbors about the issues, innovative actions (like writing yelp reviews of crisis pregnancy centers).

The Stories Team uses storytelling and the wisdom of personal experience to educate, provide catharsis, and remove stigma around women's health issues. We foster recording, writing, performing, and sharing personal stories through a variety of media to bring these deeply important issues to light. We believe that stories are important historical records that build empathy and sustain us in our fight for justice.

Letters to the Editor
This task force will receive approximately 1 email per week with an opportunity to write a letter to the editor. The letters will be about issues identified by the WHARR Task Forces, and, consistent with best practices in getting letters published, will be in response to specific articles. The email will suggest talking points to include in your letter.