Join WHARR in calling on the New York
City Council to fund abortion in this
year’s budget!

This is WHARR:
Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

We believe that controlling one’s own bodily autonomy is a fundamental right. This must include the right to decide all aspects of one’s own reproductive health, including access to safe, legal abortions; the right to safe, economically secure pregnancy and parenthood; and the right to safety, health, and equal protection under the law, irrespective of one’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

We promote gender equity, women's health, and reproductive rights. We take action for positive legislative change; work to elect progressive, pro-choice candidates; and fight against regressive policies that harm women’s health and well-being. A grassroots group based in Brooklyn, NY, we hold monthly meetings and other events to share our work with the community. We’re a working group of #GetOrganizedBK, and we welcome new members committed to our cause.



WHARR is part of a coalition uniting behind the #FundAbortionNYC campaign to ask the New York City Council to directly fund the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF).

With outrageous attacks on reproductive rights around the country, now is the time for NYC to set the national standard as a place where abortion is not just accessible, but affordable for all.

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Angry about Alabama? Here’s one way to help!

Following passage of the the all-out abortion ban in Alabama, WHARR reached out to the Yellowhammer Fund to see if there are other ways to support them, in addition to giving cash.

They asked us to support the Reproductive Justice Resource Center in Birmingham, which provides free menstrual products, contraception, diapers, formula, prenatal vitamins, and more to folks who need them.

The RJ Resource Center has an Amazon wish list. What if we completely stock the store? This would go a long way towards providing reproductive care in Alabama to anyone who needs it.

Visit the RJ Resource Center’s wish list

A BIG WIN FOR reproductive rights in new york state

For decades, NY State had an outdated abortion law, which was written before Roe v. Wade. But in January, the NY State Legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act! These bills decriminalize abortion, modernize reproductive health law in our state, and require cost-free and expanded birth control options for New Yorkers.

Read WHARR’s statement

Get the facts from a panel of experts at our recent RHA forum


The WHARR + GOBK group meetup for the Women's March on NYC, January 20, 2018

The WHARR + GOBK group meetup for the Women's March on NYC, January 20, 2018