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One of our top priorities at the state level is to vote out the "fake Democrats" of the Senate IDC—Senators who ran as Democrats but allied themselves with Senate Republicans for the last seven years. Although these Senators have now rejoined the mainline Senate Democrats, that doesn't change their complicity in enabling Republicans to block crucial bills from being scheduled for a vote, such as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA).

Adding insult to injury, the IDC sent out a mailer in July 2017 filled with lies about its record on these important bills. They claimed to have passed the RHA and CCCA even though they enabled Republicans to let these bills languish in committee. They claimed to have “invested in Planned Parenthood” even though every single member of the IDC voted against a budget bill to protect PP funding.

WHARR is working to unseat former IDC members and flip current Republican seats so we have a true-blue State Senate that will protect the health of all New Yorkers.


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WHARR at work text banking for pro-choice candidates