Trump has officially announced his domestic gag rule, which would hurt millions of Americans.

On May 22, Trump officially announced his domestic gag rule, which Planned Parenthood describes as “one of the largest-scale and most dangerous attacks we’ve seen on women’s rights and reproductive health care in this country.”

Under the new rule, clinics/programs that receive federal family planning funds would be barred from providing abortions or referring women to places that do. Doctors would be permitted to provide a list of health providers, “some (but not all) of which provide abortion in addition to comprehensive prenatal care”—but such a list could only be provided if the patient “clearly states that she has already decided to have an abortion.”

In other words, the new rule is clearly aimed at undercutting Planned Parenthood and similar repro health organizations, and it all but guarantees that patients will be blocked from getting full info about all their health care choices.

And the rule targets Title X funding, which provides affordable birth control and reproductive health care to people with low incomes, many of them women of color. Over 4 million people rely on Title X annually—and they would all be hurt by the Trump/Pence administration’s gag rule.

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