WHARR is the Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights working group of #GetOrganizedBK.

We are Brooklyn residents working to promote gender equity, women's health, and reproductive rights. We take action for positive change and against anti-choice and other regressive policies that harm women’s health, produce fact sheets on current issues and legislation, share stories about how those issues impact women’s lives, and hold events to share our work with the community.




Gop attacks on roe v. wade: The house bills to ban abortion

HR 36, which bans abortions at 20 weeks, passed the House on October 4. HR 490, which effectively bans abortions at 6 weeks, is in committee now.

Read our description of each bill, then get on the phone to Congress!

victory on election day!

Women won big this Election Day. Now we're getting ready to shape the 2018 elections!


we're Calling out the "fake democrats" of new york's idc

Read about how the IDC in the NYS Senate ignores reproductive rights (and then lies about it) 

Learn more about the RHA and the CCCA, important reproductive rights bills that are languishing in the NYS Senate



Help us protect women's health and reproductive rights!